Some of My Life Stories

I have many moments I treasure in my life but some of them, are, quite frankly, a torture pain for me to think of. I want to share some of both with you. I hope you enjoy and I want to warn you, that these are true things in my Life. 

    By the way, I will be adding more along the way adding one story at a time.

The Tale of Cinderella
It was the fall of 2007 and I learned that my friend's dad had gotten cancer. He soon passed and she fell into some sort of depression that she had to go to the hospital for a good month or so. When she came back to school, it seemed, that she was a totally different person. She hadn't gone goth like some to but maybe it was the way she held herself. The smile she had everyday was replaced by a expression that I cannot describe.Her shiny hair seemed to grow greaser by the day. And when it was a dance day, she would cry before each class that she had to drop out. But this year, I am proud to say, she began to recover.Her posture grew lest slouched and the smile slowly returned. She  re-joined ballet and loved every moment. I don't know what will happen in the future. Hopefully, she doesn't fall into that state of depression nobody liked. But for now, she is getting better. My next story will be up shortly but for now, here is all I've got time to write.

Lots of Love,

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